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Reporting to the Captain

Posted on Thu Mar 14th, 2019 @ 12:34am by Lieutenant K'Leur Daughter of House Levek & Commander Jhamal P'Trell

Mission: S1E1: Onboarding
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD01 1500 hrs


E'Lor finished in her quarters and headed for the bridge and the captain's ready room. Hitting the door chime, she waited patiently for the door to be answered.

She looked up from her reports, "Enter." Jhamal replied as she stood up as the doors opened to reveal a Klingon woman in yellow, "Ah Lieutenant K'Leur please come in." She said with a smile as she just got done reading her file and was quite impressed with her.

"Thank you captain", K'Leur said walking the door taking a seat. "The ship smells new, feels new, and is new. They probably don't even have the bugs out of the systems yet I bet", she said laughing.

"Well she's not all new, she was just pulled out of mothballs so there is some work that needs to be done which the skeleton crew has been working on but could use your expertise on getting her fully operational," Jhamal stated as she handed her a padd with the work that needed to be done.

"Ah.....I see that the replicator need upgrades as well as the isolinear housing units, and.....good god, not the plasma manifolds too?", K'Leur exclaimed. "And they pulled her from the mothballs?" K'Leur was not pleased in the least bit, this was her ship and she was going to make her spaceworthy if she had to get out and push!

"I know, but she is still a great ship. Just needs some loving care from her Engineerings." She said with a smile as she was confident in K'Leur and her ability to get anything up to par.

"Well I guess I have my work cut out for me. Permission to get started?", K'Leur asked.

She smiled and the eager Klingon in front of her, she remembered when she was that eager in her younger years. "Granted, Lieutenant and welcome aboard the Vanguard." She replied as she stood up.

"Thankyou Captain, may I serve you, this crew and this ship with honor", she said standing up. Nodding her head towards the Captain, K'Leur left for engineering.


Captain Jhamal P'Trell
USS Vanguard

Lt. K'Leur Daughter House Levek
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Vanguard


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