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A New Home

Posted on Mon Mar 11th, 2019 @ 5:46pm by Commander Jhamal P'Trell

Mission: S1E1: Onboarding
Location: USS Saratoga/USS Vanguard
Timeline: MD01 0800h

===One Day Earlier===

Jhamal was sitting on the bridge of the USS Saratoga as they made their way towards Deep Space 5 for some resupply and R&R when her Executive Officer came up to her with a padd that was marked urgent. She nodded and took the padd and read it. She sighed as she’s been in Command of the Saratoga for the past four years. Her Executive Officer had some concern over the look on her face. “What is it, Commander?” Makayla asked as she stood they're looking at her. “Well, I been reassigned to be the Commanding Officer of the USS Vanguard a Sovereign-class starship once we reach Deep Space 5,” Jhamal said with a sigh returning her look.

“What’s going to happen to the Saratoga?” Makayla asked as she hadn’t received anything. “Your being promoted to Commanding Officer of the Saratoga once we dock.” Jhamal said as smiled at the Lieutenant Commander, “and being promoted to full Commander.” Jhamal said as she could almost laugh at the expression she was getting from Makayla.

“Congratulations Commander,” She said as she got up and replaced the 3 pip to a full Commander rank. “Thank you, Commander,” she said as she smiled. “You will do her good,” Jhamal said as she was very proud of the women she becomes to know over the past four years.

“We should reach Deep Space 5 tomorrow morning,” Jhamal stated as she looked at the time and it was a shift change. “I will see you in the morning.” She said as they both departed ways and Jhamal went towards her quarters to start packing. She was going to miss the Saratoga but she knew she was needed on the Vanguard.

===Present Day===

They arrived at Deep Space 5 and docked she could see the Vanguard docked at one of the docking ports. Makayla walked up to her, “she is a beauty.” She said as she looked out the view screen. Jhamal looked at her and smiled, “that she is.” Jhamal said as she sighed as she turned around to the crew.

They just looked at her, some of them wanted to cry because they didn’t want Jhamal to leave. “It’s been a pleasure working with each and every one of you over the past four years,” Jhamal stated as she had the shipwide channel on to address everyone. “We have had our ups and our downs over the years but you all have shown what it’s like to be a Starfleet Officer and risk yourself for others.” She added as she took a breath, “I want you to continue that as Makayla here continues on what we have built. Continue to do the Saratoga proud.” She said looking at those on the bridge.

“Until we see each other again, may God speed,” Jhamal said as she nodded for the comm channel to be cut and other clapped after her little speech. She turned to Makayla, “If you need anything you can always contact me for anything.” Jhamal replied as she hugged her and then walked off the bridge before the goodbyes became worse to bear.

She exited the USS Saratoga and headed for where the Vanguard was docked, she had all her belongings already sent over. Once she arrived she stopped for a moment to take in the sight of her new home. Sighing she made her way to her quarters and would spend some time unpacking and making her quarters feel like home before she heads up to the Bridge to officially take Command.

She spent the next few hours unpacking and once she was done she decided that it was time to take command and headed up to the bridge. There were only a few people on the bridge that looked to be the skeleton crew just doing some work. “Computer, Commander Jhamal P’Trell authorization code 55-01-Alpha request permission to take Command of the USS Vanguard,” Jhamal stated waiting for a response.

The computer beeped, “Authorization recognized, permission granted and command has been turned over to Commander Jhamal P’Trell.” The computer replied.

From there she walked into her ready room to go over what seems to be a stack of papers that have been left from the repair crew as well as the new crew transfers that were coming in, so she spent the next few hours going over each report and marking them off.


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