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Vanguard bound

Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2019 @ 12:01am by Lieutenant K'Var & Lieutenant Jennifer Davis, MD
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Mission: S1E1: Onboarding
Timeline: MD01 0700h

Jennifer stood at the docking bay entrance waiting to board the transport to Deep Space Five. It would be a six hour ride aboard the Serinity Class Federation Transport, which had a cursing speed of warp one point five. When it was her turn she handed the dock master her transfer orders and was permitted to enter. Apparently she was one of the last because there were only a few seats left. She took the isle seat where a little boy sat to her right with his mother to his right "hello sunshine" Jennifer said to the little boy with a smile.

Lieutenant K'Var was the last to enter the transport, she hoped the trip went by as quickly as possible. However she knew that six hours would be six hours no matter how bored she became, she put her duffle in the over head compartment and offered a nod to the young woman she had to stretch above. The Caitian took her seat and noticed the rather nervous and hyper child between the two young women wearing Starfleet uniforms. From her observation she knew that one was either in the medical or science department and the other wore the same gold as K'Var.

Luckily the ship was enroute to Deep Space Five in less than ten minuets, she wasn't an engineer but K'Var wondered why the Federations engineers hadn't improved the transport ships warp engines yet. Probably wasn't on their top priority at the moment, but it sure would be nice in her opinion. As the small ship reached it's crusing speed they hit a little space dust and the ship shook. The shrill from the small child caused physical pain to the Caitian and she quickly covered her ears.

"It's okay" the mother of the boy pulled him as close as she could "see it was only a bump, but now everything is back on course" she smiled at him with love in her eyes and he shook his head huging her.

"Probably just a little space dust" Jennifer said poking the little kid in his side, attempting to distract him and make him smile. She made a silly face and shook her head from side to side, people considered her to have a great bed side manor and was excellent pediatric physician.

It was hard for K'Var not to roll her eyes, she thought it was unprofessional for a Starfleet Officer to act in this manner. However if it would make the child calm down she would rather endure the shenanigans than have the child upset and screaming.

The next few hours consisted of K'Var continuing to familiarize herself with the Sovergein class starships defensive and offensive capabilities, she wanted to be prepared for whatever Starfleet Command had in store for the USS Vanguard and her crew. She found herself being woken by the PADD in her lap beeping as she received a report from intel on a wanted criminal that could be in her area. She read the information and stored the file, she didn't count on running into the individual, but you never knew for sure.

Most of the passengers were alseep, including the mother and child on Jennifers right. There was only about an hour to their destination and she was bored out of her mind. The Lieutenant across the small isle was the only one she could see that was awake, but she was reading her PADD and Jen couldn't decide if it was okay to bother her or not. She thought 'what the hell' and spoke "What ya reading?" she asked, her souther tone coming out.

K'Var was so focused on what she was reading at first she did not realize her fellow Lieutenant was talking to her. Once she did the Caitian made eye contact and offered a polite "excuse me?"

"What are you reading?" Jennifer asked again and then realized it was an impolite question and shook her head "I'm sorry I'm Doctor Jennifer Davis" she extended her right hand across the isle she wasn't really sure if Caitians shook hands or not.

K'Var thought it polite to participate in Human customs so she shook the offered hand and with a slight nod "Lieutenant K'Var."

With a smile the Doctor replied "Pleasure to meet you, only about forty five minuets to DS Five" she said excitedly "are you being assigned at the station?" she asked looking over at the little dude who made a noise in his sleep.

Lieutenant K'Var wasn't really one to engage in a lot of idol conversation, especially with a stranger. But she decided it would be best to reply and be polite, you never knew who you might really be talking to "USS Vanguard."

Lieutenant Davis leaned forward and with a smile whispered very loudly "Me To, I'm the Chief Medical Officer and I cannot wait to get sickbay in order and meet our superiors."

"Yes" she paused and gave a Caitian smile "I can see you are very excited" the conversation was actually nice, getting to know someone on the senior staff of the same assignment and at least she was friendly and not stand offish and Lieutenant K'Var was already certain she was a fine physician.

The time flew by with the chat and an announcement from the piolet that we would be docked in five minuets woke several of the other passengers, including the kiddo and their fellow officer. "It was a pleasure to meet you two" Jennifer said reaching down and pinching his cute little cheeks as she called them.

"Yes safe travels" K'Var added and started toward the docking bay that their new assignment was stationed. Only moments later the pair had checked in and had already made it to the deck where the senior staff quarters were located. Lieutenant K'Var smiled, her teeth showing, she had actually grown to like the Doctor. "What is the Human phrase?" she asked but then remembered "see you around, Doctor" she pressed the access to her quarters and the door slid open with her access code.

Doctor Davis continued down the corridor, her quarters were just a few down from her new friends. She smiled and tapped in her access code and as the doors slid open she smiled and stepped inside, as the lights came on she said "home sweet home" and tossed her bag down on the bed and started looking around.


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