A Caitian in Shining Armor.

Posted on Thu Apr 11th, 2019 @ 7:58pm by Lieutenant Lacey Vianelli & Lieutenant Commander M'ell

Mission: S1E1: Onboarding
Location: Vanguard

Lacey sighed with frustration as she hauled her backpack back onto her shoulder for what felt like the eleventy millionth time since she had left her quarters on the station. The first hour she had spent arguing with the rather stubborn operations officer who blocked her at the docking port, stopping her from getting on the ship, even though she had her transfer orders on the PaDD in her hand.

Finally she had managed to get through onto the ship and now she was trying to find her quarters, except the assignment that she had been given was clearly incorrect, given the presence of the clearly shocked young Ensign within when she had entered her access code and walked in on him parading about in impressively tight leopard print briefs.

With quick apologies, Lacey had fled the room rather quickly, and even though it had been a good ten minutes since the encounter, she could still feel the burn in her cheeks.

Turning her attention back to the PaDD in her hand as she adjusted the weight of her backpack, Lacey was trying to work out which direction she should be heading in to find her way to the operations office.

So intently focused on the PaDD, she had completely failed to realise that she was approaching a junction, and was completely oblivious to the rather commanding presence of the Caitian first officer approaching from the left.

M'ell was making rounds and meeting new crew. He was trying to find a groove on the new ship. As he came to a junction he saw a young attractive officer who looked all sorts of lost. He was here to help so know was as good of a time as ever. "Excuse me, you look lost."

The voice startled her from her intent staring at the PaDD. She almost dropped it, fumbling before she got her grasp on it again, finally turning her attention to the owner of the voice. "This is the Vanguard isn't it?" she finally asked, the confusion in her voice echoing her lost appearance. "Because, seriously, I'm starting to think I'm on the wrong ship!"

M'ell fought back a grin at the last statement. "This is and I am M'ell the ships XO" He said extending a paw to greet her.

Exhaling a sigh of relief, Lacey took his paw in her hand and smiled. "Thank the deities!" she finally exclaimed. "Finally someone who might have an iota of common sense!" Releasing M'ell's paw, she laughed. "Sorry, it's been a long morning already and it's barely 7am."

Handing across the PaDD, Lacey looked up at him hopefully. "As of a few hours ago I'm the new transfer, except no one seems to know anything about it, I had to argue for 30 minutes before the Operations officer at the docking port would even let me on the ship and now it seems that the quarters on my transfer assignment are already in use... by a now rather embarrassed young man who will quite probably be filing a formal complaint any moment now," she finished with a sheepish grin.

M'ell looked at the data in front of him and then meet eyes with the stunning redhead. "Well, Ms. Vianelli, we have had some issues with assignments so far. The Commander and I think it came down to two quartermasters entering in some of the assignments in duplicate which the computer didn't like. I apologize for the inconvenience." He said handing the orders back. "I can personally escort you to your quarters or I can have someone take your bags and I can show you to the Security office."

"Call me Lacey," she said with an easy laugh. "And I have no bags, just this." she said indicating to the one lone backpack she had on her shoulder. "I was supposed to be on my way to shore leave but I got recalled and reassigned here a couple of hours ago, told to report in immediately. I imagine the rest of my stuff will arrive eventually, but until then, there's always replicators, right?" she said easily. "I'm more than happy for you to show me anything you think I need to see. At least if something else goes wrong along the way you have the authority to fix it!"

"Well let's go to Security and we can work on getting your some of that authority as well." M'ell grinned as he started to lead the way. "So where were you stationed before this?" He asked to pass the time

"I was Chief of Security on the USS Mitani, but I was actually just about to take leave, I was heading back to Earth to spend some time there, but instead, here I am. How about you?" she asked curiously as they walked.

"I spent my last thirteen years on the USS Chicago-B as its Chief Ops Officer." He said remembering fondly his time there. "That is to bad they canceled your leave time. I wonder why they did that."

Lacey shrugged slightly as the walked. "Leave was more because there was no where readily available for an immediate transfer unless I took a demotion, so I guess in the end this really worked out well for me," she offered an easy grin that gave the impression she really wasn't all that phased by it at all.

"Well than that works out." M'ell said as they made there way in the door of the Security offices. "So here is you new work home when your not on the bridge."

Stepping through the doors, Lacey took a look around, dropping her duffle on the floor. "Cozy," she said with a smile. "I've not taken a good look at the crew roster yet, or, you know, at all," she grinned as she looked back at him. "How well staffed is security? I'm assuming given we're still docked we're hoping to have a full crew before departure?"

"Well we are a bit over half stocked on staff so far which isn't to bad. On a ship this size your allotment of staff will be quite a bit." He said with smile.

"I'll make a point of going through the rosters once staffing is complete, see who I'm dealing with, it'll make rostering easier, among other things. I assume there are ample training facilities on the ship when we need them?" Lacey asked.

"Yep fresh updated holosuite and armory with all of Starfleet's shiniest weapons and gadgets." He said with a smirk. "She is an old boat, but has been given a lot of love for the relaunch."

"Excellent, that will make my job a lot easier at least," Lacey said with a smile. "Can't afford to have security officers getting lazy because of lack of infrastructure," her smile turned into a smirk as she glanced around again. "Well, I guess everything here seems pretty straight forward, exactly as expected really. Anything else on the ship I need to be aware of before we depart?"

"Not that I can think of." M'ell replied. "If you have anymore issues or concerns please reach out to myself or the Commander." He said offering his paw.

Taking his paw, Lacey smiled warmly. "I look forward to seeing you again Commander."