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Live by the Sword, Die by the Mek'leth

Posted on Sat Mar 23rd, 2019 @ 8:54pm by Lieutenant K'Leur Daughter of House Levek & Lieutenant JG Rene Rouen

Mission: S1E1: Onboarding
Location: Holodeck Two
Timeline: MD01 1800h

Rene came walking down the corridor to holodeck two clad in an outfit reminiscent of France in the early 17th Century. He wanted to celebrate his new assignment by getting in one of his favorite pasttimes, fencing against the minions of Cardinal Richlieu. He reached the entrance to the holodeck at the same time as a Klingon woman clad in traditional warrior garb of the Empire.

K'Leur looked at the young man, "It seems we both have the same idea except for the period intended", she chuckled. Clutching her bat'leth she brought it up slowly. "Have you ever tried using one?", she added, looking at the man.

Rene looked at the formidable weapon and slowly shook his head. He gave it an appraising study befoe tapping the hilt of his rapier in the scabbard on his hip. "Can't say I have, but I have found my blade to be more than adequate against an opponent." He gave her a cocky smirk. "Spent four years on the Academy fencing team."

"Intetesting indeed", she said. K'Leur didn't want to boast or brag but..."My whole life with the Bat'leth have I spent. Took Champion standing four years in a row I have", she added chuckling. She knew that a rapier was no match for a Bat'leth, so she took out her double blades, mek'leths. "These blades, though shorter than your fancy rapier might be better at fighting against your rapier", she smirked.

Rene's eyes went wide before they narrowed, the smirk still firmly planted on his face. He was not one to back down from an obvious challenge, especially when his skill as a swordsman was in question. "They say the proof is in the pudding. I guess I could put off giving a lesson to the Cardinal's Guards for giving one to a Klingon Warrior. That is if you think your up to the challenge." He added a wink to his smirk.

" you think you are that good? Well sir, Quap'la to the winner then, may you die well", K'Leur said smirking.

Rene gestured to the holodeck controls. "Ladies choice for the venue." He stepped aside to allow her access. He gave a vigorous shake of his arms to limber them up. "I understand Klingon's have a saying. Today is a good day to die or something to that effect."

"Yes we do. And you just said it for me", she said smiling.

Rene simply grinned as she loaded up the program. "Yeah. Well the day ain't over yet."

K'Leur entered her exercise program, basic skills in a battle sequence in a public square would suffice for now.

"Program ready, enter when ready", said the computer. Looking at Rene, "After you sir", she said smiling.

Rene stepped in and went about ten paces into the square. He turned to K'Leur as he drew the rapier from the scabbard. He performed a few deft swipes through the air before dropping his blade to the low ready position. He gave her a one of his boyishly disarming smiles. "Hope you're prepared to receive an education."

Taking both swords, one in each hand, deftly sliced and then sliced with the other in a martial arts move. One now above her head and one down low poised, "After you sir!", she was ready.

Rene started to lift his rapier and paused. His eyes lit up as a mischevous smile played across his lips. He looked directly at K'Leur. "How about we make this interesting."

"Interesting how", K'Leru answered. Slowly straightening up, she dropped her blades slowly to her sides, her eyes never leaving Rene's hand.

"Well." Rene's grin grew even cockier. "When I win. You agree to have dinner with me. If by some miracle you win...." His eyes twinkled for the slight pause.

K'Leur cocked her head to one side, her eyes narrowed, "If I win? What would my prize be?", she said half growling, as her hands came slowly up from her sides. She was not about to be had.

Rene shrugged as if the outcome was a given. He put on his most charming smile and arched his eyebrows. "Eh... I will let you pick the restaurant."

"Me? Pick the restaurant? How do you know I won't pick a Klingon place to eat", K'Leur said bringing up one of her swords quickly.

Rene shrugged indifferently. He quite honestly didn't care where they ate. Fact was he had got her to agree to dinner. Either way it was a win for him. "So do we have a bet?"

"Yes a deal, prepare yourself", K'Leur said bringing down her sword at Reno's shoulder, bringing up the other in a slicing move for his abdomen to his neck. You could see the warrior in her eyes as they gleamed for the battle.

Rene reacted superbly to the sudden attack. He brought the rapier in his right hand up to block the overhead strike as he sidestepped away from the attack meant to disembowel him. "Wow! I thought I had a competitive spirit." He stepped back even further and held out his left hand. "Computer, main gauche." A shorter bladed weapon designed for the left hand appeared. "Now, let's find out what you really got." He counter attacked with a flurry of whirling blades designed to batter away down her defenses.

Mek'leths didn't get their names from no where. They were meant to fight a certain way and she knew how to ward off his onslaught. Her hands blocked and countered each of his moves much like her martial arts class. She was skilled in the two handed swords and fought with honor. "Is that all you have to offer?", K'Leur teased.

Rene gave a cocky smirk as he took a step back and paused the fight. "Considering we are using live steel and not holographic weapons, the holodeck safeties can't prevent serious injury."

"That is how I use this pogram. It works better with the real thing, more realistic", K'Leur said using her martial arts skills against Rene.

The new onslaught caused him to give ground. The longer reach of his rapier would have proven to be a a distinct advantage, but he would certainly cause K'Leur harm. He tried going on the offensive with his holographic main gauche, but her ferocious fighting style was too good. He misstepped and promptly fell on his backside.

K'Leur moved fast and made the kill thrust to his gut, "There! Quap'la I win.....Ha!", she said triumphantly, now offering him a hand up.

"Good exercise indeed. Maybe next time you should try fighting in closer contact with a shorter blade. Possibly a knife or something similar eould do, unless you would like lessons with the bat'leth", K'Leur added chuckling.

"Well played." Rene gave a nod of his head before retrieving his rapier and placing it back in his scabbard. "I might take you up on those lessons, if you agree to learn fencing from me." The smirk returned to his face. "Now, about dinner. Where should we go eat?"

"Where do you suggest Rene?", K'Leur queried. She wasn't about to get caught up again, or was she?


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