S1E1: Onboarding

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With the Vanguard being assigned to Task Force 56: The Nothern Expanse. Currently, the USS Vanguard is docked at Deep Space 5 to take on a new Commanding Officer as well as new crewmembers. What will they face, what obstacles will they come across in this new area of operations? Only time will tell...

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S1E2: Discovery

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While the USS Vanguard is still docked at Deep Space 5, the USS Vanguard receives communications from Starfleet reporting that the science ship USS Sirus had gone mission near the Black Cluster. They were conduction some exploration of the area to catalog data about the Cluster. They were reported missing when they didn’t report back on their assigned check-in. The USS Vanguard will be dispatch to the Black Cluster to begin investigating what happened and see if they can recover the USS Sirus. Will they be able to find out why the USS Sirus just up and disappeared? Was it foul play? Will they be able to find the ship and crew and bring them back alive and in one piece? Only time will tell…

Part of Season 1

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