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Lieutenant Jennifer Davis, MD

Name Jennifer Jen or Jenny Davis, MD

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Jennifer is in great shape and works out daily to keep her body in peak condition. She is an average looking young woman with blonde hair that she often keeps up while on duty.


Father Commodore Timothy Davis - CO - USS Hera
Mother Kimberly Davis, MD - Starfleet Medical - Earth

Personality & Traits

General Overview A very sweet person who cares about her friends and family very much. Doctor Davis has a great bed side manor and is very protective over her patients and doing what is right for them.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Great bed side manor
+Excellent physician

-Weak with things outside the medical field
-Not a very skilled combatant
Ambitions To continue her career in Starfleet Medicine and possible follow the command path, with the hopes of commanding a hospital ship.
Hobbies & Interests Jennifer likes to read and stay in touch with family and friends as much as possible. She enjoys time on the holodeck and working out. Out doors things like camping, hiking, etc have always been relaxing to her, you could say its her southern charm.

Personal History Born aboard the Starship Davenport to a pair of Starfleet Officers the only child named Jennifer was loved by her parents and many of their ship mates. As Jennifer grew up aboard the Davenport she was considered almost like the entire ships daughter, especially the Captain who had no children of her own.

Jennifer and her parents would stay aboard the Davenport for the first thirteen years of her life, until the Constitution class starship was destroyed. The ship was drawn into a trap and when the Orions couldn't capture the ship they destroyed to try and destroy it. They were successful, however most of the crew escaped and as the ship exploded in space the more advanced Galaxy class USS Jupiter arrived to fend off the rest of the Orions and rescue the crew of the Davenport.

After a short shoreleave Jennifers father returned to duty, but she and her mother stayed on Earth. Her mother started work at Starfleet Medical and her father continued his career in Starfleet as a Commanding Officer. They didn't see the man of the family very often and Jennifer ended up being raised mostly by her friends mother.

After basic studies Jennifer decided she liked to help people and enrolled in Starfleet Academy. She was accepted upon graduation from high school and did fairly well in her basics. Medical and a follow in her mothers foot steps was the way she decided to go and did well in her courses, but not the top of her class by any means. In the end she graduated and like the rest of her class was now Doctor. Most of the class was split up and sent on their first assignments.

Doctor Davis was now a Medical Officer aboard the USS Noah and couldn't be more happy. The Noah was a science ship and the three years she spent learning from her superior officers was valuable and challenging at the same time. The CMO was pretty hard on the green staff, but in a way it helped Jennifer prepare for her next assignment aboard the newly minted USS Carter.

The Carter was a fresh off the line Prometheus Class Starship, assigned to defense and patrol at the current time. Sadly three months into their mission Jennifer had to learn the hard way how to run the medical department as the CMO wad killed when the ship was attacked. She was promoted and assigned as perminate CMO six months later, but only a year after that the ship was docked for repairs after taking severe damage.

Most of the officer were in to high demand to sit for long so Doctor Davis was assigned Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Vanguard.