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Lieutenant JG Rene Rouen

Name Rene Rouen

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"/174cm
Weight 150lbs./68kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Rene has the lithe form of a gymnist.


Father Pierre Rouen
Mother Gabrielle Rouen
Brother(s) tbd
Sister(s) tbd
Other Family tbd

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rene is a brash young man who still needs to learn he is not invincible.
Strengths & Weaknesses Superb piloting skills he has honed since flying a crop duster with his grandfather.
Master level fencing skills he learned in his father's Parisian fencing academy.

Overly competitive nature
Overconfident in situations involving flying or fencing
Ambitions Rene aspires to command his own starship someday. He also continues his training to become a grandmaster of fencing.
Hobbies & Interests Fencing

Personal History Rene Rouen was born to Pierre and Gabrielle Rouen in the city of Paris, France on July 31st, 2371. His father was the owner/operator/primary instructor for one of the most prestigious fencing academies in the city. His mother worked on the Presidential Security Detail for the President of the United Federation of Planets. He grew up learning how to defend himself, but he found at an early age that his true passion lay in flying.

Rene loved visiting his grandfather in the Gascon countryside and flying with him in a hopper his grandfather used for crop dusting for the local farmers. The thrill of low level passes over crops was even more exhilarating than fencing competitions throughout Europe. It gave him a sense of adventure, and he knew each time he looked up at the sky, he would pilot a starship among those distance twinkling lights someday.

Rene went at everything in life with an unbridled passion. Sometimes it would be the most fantastic adventure of a life time, more often it got him in trouble for being a brash, reckless youth. He learned to accept the consequences of his actions, but as he grew older he learned to follow his gut. He was the kid that stood up to the bullies picking on smaller children, even if it meant he got in trouble with the school for fighting, his parents were supportive privately of his desire to always seek justice in a situation and not blindly abide the rules.
Starfleet Academy was not much different. Though he excelled academically in his mathematics and astrophysics courses, he was told time and time again that his recklessness would be the death of him someday. He was often seen as too aggressive in his flight training, pushing the limits of his instructors patience despite his exceptional skills.

Rene found himself in competition with his instructors and peers alike. Perhaps the most ardent rivalry was with another member of the Academy fencing team. He could never get a clear victory in competition. If he won one, she would win the next. This continued throughout all four years. Though she ended up with the advantage their final year. It was decided she would be Captain of the Fencing Team.

Rene was ready to begin his grand adventure at the helm of a starship after graduation, but instead found himself assigned as a shuttlecraft pilot at a faraway starbase. He never found out, but it was his mother who had pulled a few strings with friends she had in Starfleet. She loved her son dearly, but he really was in need of learning a lesson in humility. He spent the first year after his graduation making supply runs from the starbase to starships in the region.

Rene thought his career was going to be over before it started when he got picked to be the runabout pilot for a mission to deliver a marine strike team into Breen Space. The strike team accomplished their mission, but a stroke of bad luck found the team commander and the senior enlisted advisor captured. The deputy team commander ordered Rene to fly them to the nearest Starfleet vessel. He refused and instead flew the runabout to the compound the two marines were being held at. The other marines went in and rescued their comrades and made it back to the runabout for extraction. The next two days were a harrowing game of cat and mouse as the runabout made it back to Federation Space.

Rene was placed in hack upon return to Federation Space and found himself before a Board of Inquiry. The findings of the board were that though the mission and subsequent rescue of captured personnel was considered a success. He clearly violated a direct order by the acting mission commander that could have resulted in the capture of the entire team. He knew he could receive a letter of reprimand, if not be cashiered out of the service. The board finally cleared him in a vote of three to two in favor. Less than a week later he found himself being transferred from the starbase to the USS Vanguard.
Service Record Starfleet Academy, Cadet: Aug 2387 - May 2391
Starbase Starbase Deep Space Five, Shuttlecraft Pilot: Jul 2391 - Jan 2393
USS Vanguard, Chief Flight Control Officer: Jan 2393 - Present