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Lieutenant Commander M'ell

Name M'ell

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Caitian
Age 99

Physical Appearance

Height 6'5
Weight 213lbs
Hair Color Goldish Red
Eye Color Green


Personality & Traits

General Overview M'ell is a listener first and a negotiator. The fuse on his temper is very long but when someone breaks his trust and loyalty he strikes with a primal viciousness.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Calm in the High stress situations
+a good listener

-Holds grudges by those the wrong him
-Sometimes over thinks things

Personal History M'ell was born on Macadarna in 2294. His Father worked for Starfleet Diplomatic Corp and his mom worked for Starfleet Intelligence. His childhood was spent mostly on Macadarna but some of his later years where spent on Earth and where ever the job sent his family. Much like many of his species M'ell was very intelligence and picked up languages very naturally. On his trips abroad he would turn off his universal translators just to listen to the different languages.

At the age of 17 he followed his families wishes and enter Starfleet Academy. There he continued to flourish in his studies molding himself for a career as a Communication Officer while making himself very familiar with the overall job of the Operations chief.

In 2315 M'ell graduated with honors and was assigned to the USS Wolf as a Communication Officer. This is a post that he would hold for 25 years. His ability to not only hear subtle changes in a speech pattern but also how to imitate voices was a valuable resource.

2340 M'ell was promoted and transferred to SB 63 here he served as a Asst. Chief of Operations. While he loved working as a communication officer the ability to branch out and do more was something that M'ell loved he worked under a couple great Chiefs in his 40 years in the position turning down many a chance to change assignments and even a couple times he turned down promotions to stay on the base.

Finally in 2380 Starfleet was able to get M'ell to accept and promotion to Chief Operations office on the USS Chicago-B. It wasn't that M'ell didn't want to be the senior officer it was that when he got to a post he became very loyal to the people attached to it. The Chicago was no different he loved working on it and working with a great crew. His Commanding Officer but it letter recommendations for promotions that came up and again M'ell turned them down. Finally in 2393 the USS Chicago was decommishioned and M'ell was forced to be reassign. This time he was chosen to be the Executive Office of the USS Vanguard.
Service Record 2311-2315 - Starfleet Academy
2315-2340 - USS Wolf, Communication Officer
2340-2380 - SB 63, Assistant Chief Operations Officer
2380-2393 - USS Chicago-B, Chief Operations Officer
2393 - USS Vanguard, XO