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Commander Jhamal P'Trell

Name Jhamal P'Trell

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0"
Weight 140
Hair Color White/Grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Jhamal is your typical Andorian, she keeps fit and regularly works out. She has several scars on her body due to battles she participated in over the years of service. Jhamal P'Trell tends to keep in shape by working out


Spouse None
Children None
Father Tholos P’Trell
Mother Shelerib P’Trell
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview She is stern and will keep order amongst her crew. But, deep down inside that few get to see she has a soft side of her. She can be easy to get along with if you get that far to be considered her friend. She works hard for what she believes in.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Devoted
+Stern when needed to be
+Will put others above herself

-Tends to work too much
Ambitions To work up in rank and position, to be the best Starfleet Officer.
Hobbies & Interests Music, holonovels, reading, martial arts.

Personal History Jhamal was born on December 4, 2343, to Tholos P’Trell and Shelerib P’Trell on Andoria but she didn’t spend much time there as soon after she was born her and her parents moved to Earth where her parents were both in Starfleet and were about to be assigned to their perspective ships. Unfortunately, her parents were assigned to two different ships which made seeing her father hard at times. Her mother was assigned to the USS Athena as the Chief Medical Officer while her father was assigned to the USS Star as Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

While growing up on a starship she would sneak out while her mother was working and quietly watch Security on the ship train and do other things. She seemed to have peaked an interest in Security which she wanted to be when she grew up and could join the Academy. When she was old enough she would while her mother was working sneak down to the Security training area and would work out and train with them. They didn’t seem to mind, but when her mother found out she was upset for a while because Jhamal didn’t just ask. But she eventually forgave her and told her to pursue her dreams. She told her mother what she wanted to be and her mother couldn’t have been more proud of her. She was very supportive of her dreams.

She worked hard and studied hard, when she was old enough she applied for the Academy which she was accepted. Her mother was very proud and even made sure she arrived on Earth safely as well as see her off as she would be very busy so they wouldn’t be able to see much of each other. She started at the beginning of 2361, while the USS Athena was at Earth for some R&R and resupply Jhamal left for the Academy which she would say goodbye to her mother. Over the next four years, she excelled in her courses, and officer training that she would need to become a Security officer. While in her time at the Academy she made several friends who she would study and work out with.

She graduated with high honors in 2368 and was given the rank of Ensign. In 2369 she was assigned to the USS Hood as a Security Officer. She would spend the next several years aboard the ship and eventually being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. She was wounded in an away mission when she was shot from behind while tracking a suspect who ended up tracking her. She used her training to eventually bring the suspect down while injured. She eventually healed from her wounds after they were treated by the medical staff after she was brought back to the ship by the rest of the away team.

In 2374, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned to the USS Jackson as Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer during the Dominion War. The USS Jackson participated in Operation Return, they were nearly destroyed when they were helping to retake Deep Space 9. They managed to come out of that intact and able to make repairs. They would then participate in a few more battles in the Dominion War. The most notable one for Jhamal would be the last battle that would end the war. During this time she risked her life to help those on her team, she also watched as some were killed in battle but in the end, they were successful and the Dominion War was brought to a close.

Because of her actions, she was promoted to Chief Security/Tactical Officer and given the Purple Heart for her selfless act of risking her life to save that of a fellow officers becoming injured during the battle. She would serve aboard the USS Jackson until 2377 until she was reassigned to the USS Hamilton and given the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Jhamal kept excelling and working hard with everything that would be thrown her way until 2379 she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and given the position of Executive Officer when the previous Executive Officer was killed in an away mission. Jhamal didn’t think she deserved the promotion and assignment as she felt that it was her fault that he was killed when she knew she could have stopped it.

Over the next couple of years, there was some tension between the Commanding Officer and herself as he did blame her for what had happened. Finally, in 2381 she requested a transfer to Starbase 26, which was granted and she was given the position of Executive Officer. She would be stationed on Starbase 26 until 2383 when she was approached by Captain Sarah Holmes of the USS Melbourne who wanted her to be her Executive Officer. After a week of deliberations whether or not she wanted to advance further or not, she finally accepted the position. She would spend the next several years serving under Sarah Holmes and the Melbourne as its Executive Officer. It wasn’t until 2389 when there was an attack by an Orion battleship and sustained damage. Jhamal tried to save the Captain but she was unable to. They were able to get out of there barely in one place. When they returned to Starbase the Melbourne was too badly damaged she was mothballed.

Jhamal was awarded Command of the USS Saratoga a Galaxy class ship at the rank of Commander and was in command over the next four years. In 2393 She was then assigned to Task Force 56 but was called back to take command of the USS Vanguard a Sovereign-class ship in Pegasus Fleet.