Posting Requirements/Activity/House rules

Players who are apart of USS Vanguard are to log in regularly and actively participate in the sim. I also expect that everyone should have a post out once every fourteen (14) days unless working on a Joint Post which might take longer but is actively participating in the joint post you will be fine.

Please note that the exception to the posting requirement rules are the Guest Star position as they are only with USS Vanguard for a mission. So they don't have to adhere to the posting rules set for regular members of USS Vanguard.

We also understand circumstances can come up in RL and that is perfectly fine all that we ask is that you inform the Command Staff via PM and let us know what's going on and how long you expect to be gone so we can place you on either LOA/ELOA depending how long you will be gone.

If you do not inform us of what's going on and do not have a post out past seventeen (17) days you will receive a warning about activity and are required to respond. If you do not respond within three (3) days after the first message you will be given a final warning to respond/and or post if after three (3) days and again no response you will be removed from USS Vanguard for inactivity and placed on a 30 day probation period to "cool off" before being allowed to return.

All the Command Staff asks of you is to be kept informed of any issues or problems that might keep you from posting so that way we can work around those situations. If we don't know we won't be able to help you and it could stall the story progress.

Also, each player has his/her character and only he can write for the character. Please do not attempt to write, harm, or kill someone else’s character without explicit permission from the player. Anyone who violates this will be given only 1 warning to fix the issue after that if it continues and/or doesn’t get rectified will be removed from the simulation. PFA will be informed of these issues before the removal of a player.


USS Vanguard is a harassment-free place to write, if you feel you are being harassed by a player on the sim please bring the matter before the Command Staff and we will do an investigation of the matter. If you feel that your being harassed by the anyone in the Command Staff you can just bring it to the CO's attention. In the case that it involves the Commanding Officer of the sim you are free to bring any concerns up to Task Force 56 Commanding Officer.

If after the investigation is complete and we find that the claim is true, it will be brought up to the PFA and the player could face being removed from the USS Vanguard.

In Conclusion

Everyone who is apart of USS Vanguard will follow the rules set out for this sim as well as the rules that are set forth in the Pegasus Fleet Constitution and By-Laws

Most importantly we are here to have fun and write, please communicate with us and let us know if somethings going on. Whether you need to go on LOA to take care of some things in RL or you need some ideas for something to write because you draw a blank. We are here to help you have fun which is our number one rule on the USS Vanguard.